Staff Email Listing
South Redford staff e-mail addresses consist of the last four letters
of the person's last name and the first two letters of the first name followed by zero and one then
Example of the e-mail address for Jane Smith:
Check the listing below for Addams Elementary Staff

Jane Addams Elementary Staff E-Mail Listing

Principal - ext. 1355
Michelle Hubbard
Secretary  - ext. 1359 
Cris DuBois

Michelle McCarthy ext. 1314

Kindergarten Aide - 
Connie Vargos ext. 1314 

Lynda O'Donnell   ext. 1320
Mrs. O'Donnell's Class website

Kindergarten Aide - 
Kim Watson ext 1320
First Grade
Robyn Pegg    ext. 1301
First Grade 
Jennifer Patrick 1302
Second Grade
Nina White ext. 1303
Second Grade 
Kathy Kunec ext 1304
Third/Fourth  Grade
Julie Frenzel  ext. 1309

Third/Fourth Grade Aide
Val Wood ext. 1309

Fourth Grade
Dawn Pinho  ext. 1310

Fifth Grade
Caryn Loughlin ext. 1308

Fifth Grade Aide
Mary Boyd ext. 1308

Fifth Grade
Joshua Bzovi  ext. 1323
Teacher Consultant
Brenda Huffman  ext. 1307
Social Worker
Meghan Anderson ext. 1305
Intervention Specialist 
Carol Lindman ext. 1355
Resource Room
Kim Badham ext. 1363
Art Teacher
Linda Chenoweth  ext. 1316
Vocal Music  
Ray Schmidt ext. 1315  

Instrumental Music   
Michelle Williams ext. 1604
Physical Education
Maria Kalapos  ext. 1318
Media Specialist
Michelle Mack 1386

Media Assistant
Debbie Pierson 1385 

Kelly Gowyrluk 
ext. 1364
Kid's Care Room 
Tammy Peterson, ext. 1306

Laura Weaver ext. 1306
John Duty ext. 1393

Bob Richards ext. 1393 

Teacher's Lounge
ext. 1395  

 ext. 1390